About the Association

The “Banks Bowling Association” was established in 1935, to spread the interest in the game of bowling amongst employees of the banks. Membership is open to people employed by, or receiving, or due to receive a retirement pension from any Bank in the United Kingdom, or who had a minimum of two years service in a bank. Spouses/partners of existing members may also be eligible for membership.

We have an extensive fixture list with approximately forty matches against County, Association or various Club sides, both indoor (from October to April) and outdoor (from May to September).
Matches are played from Croydon and Crystal Palace down to the South Coast, and from Reading to Eastbourne. This is a considerable area which gives most members an opportunity of playing. All members who apply for match selection are considered on an equal basis, and receive roughly the same percentage of games for which they apply, irrespective of their age or ability.

Most of our 160 members are from Kent, Surrey & Sussex, but twelve other counties are also represented.
Fixtures are played throughout the year and the fixture list and recent results can be found on this web site.