Outdoor Results – 2015

Here are our Outdoor Results for 2015

Note that all matches are mixed except this one and all matches start at 2p.m. unless stated otherwise

Wednesday 6th May
Borough of Croydon B.A.
L 97-124
Tuesday 12th May
W 105-104
Wednesday 20th May
Sussex County B.A.
W 110-100
Wednesday 27th May
Royal County of Berkshire
L 101-154
Thursday 4th June
Surrey County P.P.B.A.
L 70-118
Tuesday 9th June
Purley B.C.
L 109-119

June 12-19 Tour to Lincoln

Friday 26th JuneHorsham B.C.W 131-100
Thursday 09th JulyNorbury B.C.L 59-86
Monday 13th JulyShirley Park B.C.W 61-41
Monday 20th JulyKent County P.P.B.A.L 103-131
Friday 24th JulySurrey PresidentsL 53-75
(rain stopped play)
Wednesday 29th JulyH.S.B.C. B.C.L 102-152
Monday 10th AugustHampshire C.B.A.L 115-126
Thursday 13th AugustSutton & District B.A.W 112-75
Monday 17th AugustWest Wickham B.C.D 99-99
Tuesday 25th AugustPopes Mead B.C.(Rain prevented any play)
Tuesday 1st SeptemberSurrey Patrons B.A.L 89-136
Monday 7th SeptemberEast Preston & KingstonW 119-81
Wednesday 16th SeptemberRoyal Bank of Scotland(Rain prevented any play)