Match Report Donyngs 17 December

This is a game that was originally set for 6 rinks but Donyngs told us they could only do 3 rinks, which suited us as we only had 18 players.

This also enabled me to release 3 Purley Bury members who had a club game they could support.

Donyngs also had a problem as they lost their caterer so the game was for a reduced fee and just sandwiches after the game.

Despite these difficulties the game took place and they made us feel very welcome.

BBA had a good start and made the early running; however, halfway through the match Donyngs came back and took the lead and at one stage went 15 shots clear.

It looked like this game was going to the home club again, but things then started to go the way of BBA and the scores became very close.

Louis Pelosi’s rink had been behind almost from the start but a great effort in their last end saw them pick up 4 shots which made the scores level with the last end being played on Paul Jolliffe’s rink.

It was difficult to see who was holding shot but when the last wood came to rest, it was a time for celebration when Elizabeth Robinson indicated we had picked up one shot and, therefore, we won our first match this winter with the final score being 56-55.

 Our top rink was Denis Robinson, Chas Smith, Elizabeth Robinson and Paul Jolliffe. This rink contained some of our most elderly bowlers, so a fantastic effort to maintain their form to the end of this match. Well done to everyone. Glynis was able to deliver her first victory speech, so let’s hope for more success in the New Year