Match Report – Grattons IBC – 29 March 2022

Grattons welcomed us heartily and the game was conducted in good spirit.. The home team got off to a good start and took leads on most rinks, increasing their lead to something approaching 30.

It was just after halfway through the match that BBA started closing the gap. With about 5 ends to play on most rinks, the scores were nearly level and BBA then took a modest lead. At the beginning of the game this had looked very unlikely!!

With most rinks finished, BBA held a lead of 4 but the only rink still playing dropped a 3 in the penultimate end, so we held the narrowest lead with one end to play.

With everyone watching, the pressure was on but Reg Rowlands, Ken McVeigh and Sandy Vane built a lead of 2 before Grattons skip bowled a wood that moved the jack but BBA still held one.

Robin Gordon sensibly bowled a wood that did not disturb the head and the Grattons skip then bowled his last wood but missed the head and BBA held on to win the match 120-118 for the BBA’s third win of the season.

BBA top rink was Marjorie Caldwell, David Evans, Mick Gray and Alan Butler. Alan is a BBA member but one we do not see very often and was called in on the morning of the game. Thanks Alan.

 Mick was a guest who has played for us before and very well done to his rink who had a 25-14 victory and helped us to a fine match result.

Report by Mark Broughton