Match Report – Langney Sports IBC

The game was agreed as five triples..

Before the game, Langney Sports were very helpful trying to find a replacement for us to make up the numbers, as we were short with new cases of Covid and drop outs on the morning that we couldn’t cover.

Regrettably one rink had to be played as a 3 against a 2 but the game went ahead and we did the best we could.

The match was close for much of the way and at tea BBA had a slight lead, but in the second half of the game, Langney Sports started to gain an advantage eventually coming out winners by 87-76.

The BBA top rink was Reg Rowlands, Dave Smith and Terry Coombes by a score of 19-10, well done to them.

During the match it became known that one of the Langney players recognised our Senior Vice President, Glynis Atkins as a friend back from when they were at primary school many years ago and they were able to share memories from that time. 

This was a very close game played in the right friendly spirit and was enjoyed by all.

Report by Mark Broughton