Match Report – Ladies v Gents

After two changes of playing dates, this game was played at Sutton B C with 11 ladies and 23 men taking part, with every bowl being closely watched by the enthusiastic followers on the side-lines – all nine of them.

Prior to the start of the game, a variety of refreshments had been consumed in the Club House, after which all persons involved were greeted on the green by the Organiser in Chief, President Val.

There was a slight hiccup when the Organiser realised the rink numbers were 7 to 11, whereas her scorecards were numbered 1 to 5. However, with the help of enthusiastic and often raucous encouragement from the players, she managed to get messages across as to who was playing where and even how many bowls were required for each session.

To provide an in-depth summary of the games played would require a much wider vocabulary than this writer possesses, suffice to say there were some very good bowls delivered, some very bad bowls delivered, but all was taken in the stride of the skips who, remarkably, were also able to identify whose bowls were whose, as many had BBA stickers and others had mysterious coloured spots to denote something!!! Of course, those who played on the rinks with bowlers who had white bowls or yellow ones, had no problems!!

All “good” things come to an end and the time came too quickly for some when they had to leave the green and go back to the Club House for a variety of refreshments, followed by an excellent meal.

After the meal, President Val thanked everyone for attending either as a player or a spectator and especially thanked Sutton B C for the use of their green and facilities.

Senior Vice President Ian, endorsed Val’s words and thanked her for the work she had put in to organise the event.

Without wishing to gloat, he announced that the Men had won overall by 22 shots.

Top Rink prizes were presented to Men’s rink -Keith Atkins, Mick Vernon, Tim Vane and Colin Watson

and Ladies triple – Margaret Gordon, Carole Alder, Paula Thompson

All in all, this was an enjoyable function and it is hoped that it will become an annual fixture but with more ladies taking part.