Match Report – Sevenoaks I B C

For this Sevenoaks match we had a last minute issue to find an eighteenth man to complete our six triples and Ken McVeigh was able to find a friend from his Eastbourne club – Dave Smith who has played for us before and Dave came in to give us a full team. There was a warm greeting from Sevenoaks and the game was held in a competitive but friendly atmosphere.

BBA got off to a good start and were winning the match almost until our half time tea. The game then started shifting away from us as a few large rink deficits made a big difference (an eight and a couple of six shot deficits) and BBA were not able to get on top again. The final score was a defeat by 109-94 which is only an average of two and a half shots per rink, a very creditable performance, and if we were to use the Ivor Batchelor method of scoring, the result was a draw with three winning rinks each. Our top rink was the three of Ron Cook, Margaret Gordon and Tim Vane who won by a margin of 16. Well done. The meal was excellent and our day out at Sevenoaks was completed successfully apart from the match result

Report by Mark Broughton