Match Report – Adur IBC

The report for the game at Adur is going to read like reports you have seen already this year as we had a similar pattern of BBA leading at tea then the game going away from us in the second half.

At tea we were leading by 3 shots, but by the end we had lost by 43.

However, Adur made us very welcome – it is a lovely club and the meal afterwards was first class and enjoyed by our team and the four BBA guests who gave us great support.

The game was played as six triples but, sadly, we had only one winning triple which was Denis Robinson, Margaret Gordon and Keith Atkins who triumphed 27-21.

It was lovely for our Senior Vice President, Glynis, who took the game for us, to give a top rink prize to her husband.

However, it was not enough to turn the match score for us and we lost 90-133.